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Match Your Website Pages with Your SEO Keywords

Figuring out which pages on your site are the best match for your SEO keyword phrases is an important part of successful search engine optimization. We recommend that you consider these three factors:

  1. Focus on Page Relevance - Make sure the content of each page you are optimizing is applicable to between 1-3 keyword phrases. Read the copy on the page to yourself. If it is not clearly about the phrases you are optimizing for, you have more work to do.
  2. Leverage Current Success - Search for your mission-critical phrases on Google. If you have a page that already comes up highly for a particular phrase, focus on improving the relevance for that phrase; don't try to focus the page on something else. If you already come up #1 for a phrase, don't tinker too much with the page that is ranking highly.
  3. Be Specific - Trying to develop one page for a long list of keywords is a recipe for failure. Focus each page on a very small set of keywords. Better to focus twenty pages on one specific keyword for each page than to try to cram all your keywords into one page.
The search engines are evaluating whether your site has relevant and useful content for real people. To the extent you can concisely write copy that is helpful for your users and incorporates a specific keyword phrase on each page of your site, you will be laying the groundwork for search engine success.
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