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People aren't always searching online for things to buy. Sometimes they just want information, and if your site has the information they want, they'll be more likely to come back when they are ready to buy.

Whenever you are talking to someone (whether it's at a party, at work, or at the playground with your kids) and they ask you a question about your business or products, write down the question. When a customer calls or emails with a question about how returns work, or what sizes or colors something is available in, write down that question, even if the answer is already in the product description. Whenever you think of a question that someone would want to know that relates to your products, write down the question!

Add these questions to your FAQ page. Turn your website into an educational hub, where someone who has any question about what you do or what you sell can go for honest, authoritative, and straightforward answers.You will provide visitors with the info that they need and keep your FAQ page fresh with new material.

Read our article on "SEO Through FAQ, Glossary and Links Pages" for more information on creating a thorough and informative FAQ page.

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