Technical FAQ

Website hosting, servers and technical stuff

  • Can you install a security certificate on my website?

    You may choose to use our shared security certificate, or we can install one specifically for your website (for an additional monthly fee). Our security certificate is an SSLv3 certificate issued by GeoTrust. Your customers are equally protected with our shared certificate versus installing your own; the only benefit to installing your own is that the URL in their browser will always show your domain name, rather than ours.

  • Do you shut down your servers for routine maintenance?
    Not on a regular basis. If your site will be unavailable for more than a few minutes, we will schedule the maintenance in advance and you will be notified via email.
  • What kind of maintenance do web servers require?
    The maintenance that web servers require is not that different from the computer you're using right now, though it is more complicated and more people are affected when something is broken! There are many software components used to deliver a web page when someone requests it, and we need to keep informed of any bugs or security issues with that software, and keep it as up to date as possible. There is also the daily maintenance of removing old log file entries, backing up site files and database data, and many other tasks that keep your site available and running smoothly.
  • What kind of servers are your sites hosted on?
    Our sites are hosted on a Redhat Enterprise Linux ES4 server. It features redundant disk storage for speed and reliability, and a 64-bit processor. The web server components are built upon open source software, such as Apache and MySQL.
  • What programming language do you use to build your software?
    MightyMerchant is written in PHP.
  • Where are your web servers located?
    Our bandwidth provider is Rackspace, the industry leader for co-location and managed server environments.
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