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Spell Check Your Entire Website

No matter how careful you are, spelling errors are bound to sneak into your web content. It's difficult to check your own work for errors because the brain naturally compensates for misspellings or missing letters when reading. Even the best editors have a second set of eyes checking their work for mistakes. When you don't have an assistant editor, put a spell checker tool like CheckDog to work.

This web-based tool will scan your entire site for spelling errors and report back. It also checks for broken links, images, CSS files, Javascript files and standalone files. Monthly subscriptions are paid, but the site allows you to run a free test on your site to double check your content, and start a free trial account.

Spelling or grammar errors on your site stand out like a sore thumb. The people who notice the mistakes will think that if you don't care enough to pay attention to the details on your website, that you might not care about other quality issues as well.

Avoid this unfortunate situation by having someone check your site in its entirety, or try the free version of CheckDog to ensure that your site is free of spelling errors. 

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