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Engage Fans with Facebook's "Question" Feature

Did you know that Facebook has a "Questions" feature that allows you to pose questions to your fan base? Facebook Questions are a great way to encourage your fans to interact with your business on Facebook. Questions should be of interest to your fan base, and relevant to your business. (Perhaps our HEROweb Facebook Page fans caught our latest Facebook Question about Deal-A-Day sites like Groupon). Facebook questions are also a good way to find out what customers like about your business and products/services. (Think "What is your favorite thing about?").

Using the Questions feature is easy. Once you are logged and set to use Facebook as your page, go to your homepage. Near the top of the page you will see the "Share" bar (which is where you update your status). Click on the button that says "Ask Question". You can then type your question into the text field. If you like, you can select the button that says "Add Poll Options" which will allow you to provide answers for your fans to choose from. If you do choose to add poll options, you need to decide whether or not you want voters to be able to add their own alternative answers. If you do not want additional answers besides the ones you provide, uncheck the "Allow anyone to add options" box. You can also choose not to add poll options, thus leaving the question open-ended.

Once you have either added your poll options or decided not to add poll options, click "Post". Be sure to check back on your question so you can see if people are leaving comments and respond if appropriate.

Give it a try! It is always good to have positive interactions with your Facebook fans. And you never know, you could gain some valuable insight.

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