MightyMerchant Platform FAQ

All of our websites are built on the MightyMerchant eCommerce / Content Management System (CMS). Some of the most common questions are answered here - if you want to find out even more please check out our website: www.MightyMerchant.com

  • Can I offer a shipping special?
    Yes, you can set free shipping for orders over a certain dollar amount (or all orders), or you can offer free shipping on individual items. Your free shipping settings are set per shipping method, so you can offer free shipping on UPS Ground and still charge the regular price for Next Day Air.
  • Can I set up a special sale price on my items?
    Yes, you can mark any item as a sale item, and enter the regular and sale price. Your customer will see clearly that the item is on sale. You can feature sale items on your home page to get even more exposure.
  • Can I show a product in more than one category?
    Absolutely. It's easy using the MightyMerchant site manager. You simply click a checkbox for each category you would like to show the item in! MightyMerchant shines when it comes to organizing your site. You can add, rearrange, rename, hide or delete categories any time. You can organize your categories into as many levels as you like.
  • Can my shopping pages look a specific way or am I locked into a specific templat

    MightyMerchant is so flexible that we can set up almost any page layout you want. Just tell us what you have in mind, or better yet show us an example. When we design your website we will work with you to set up your shopping pages in the best way to sell your products.

  • Can your cart remove one-of-a-kind items once they're sold?
    Yes - our inventory feature can be configured in a variety of ways. One option is to have out of stock items be hidden.
  • How do I get my products into my website?
    Most often our customers enter their own product data using the MightyMerchant Site Manager. Before you begin, we will set up your Site Manager specifically for your business so you can easily enter the data for each of your products on a single screen. For example; pricing, product weights, photos, descriptions, color and size options - we'll tailor the entries to match your needs.

    We will show you how to set up your categories and enter your products. In addition, we provide a "fast add" option, that allows you to enter product details for up to 10 products at a time.

    For stores with more than 300 products, we can usually set up a data import for you if you can provide your data to us in an Excel spreadsheet. Call us for pricing or to learn more about data import.
  • How easy is it to add shopping features later, such as selling wholesale?
    MightyMerchant was designed with scaleability in mind. This can be a real advantage if you want to get started on a limited budget, and grow your website as you grow your business. Our recommendation is always to start off simple and as you gain experience with running an ecommerce store and the patterns of your shoppers, you can add additional features.
  • How will I know when an order is placed on my site?
    When a customer places an order, Mighty Merchant immediately sends you an email with all the order details. In addition, you can view all of your orders in your web browser, using the MightyMerchant Order Manager - one of our best-loved features! Using the order manager, you can track which orders you need to work on, you can create invoices and packing slips, you can notify your customers when their package ships, you can edit order details, and much more.
  • I already have a website. Can I just add a shopping cart?

    In most cases we can add our shopping cart to your existing site. It is best if you send us the URL for your site so we can take a look. Then we can provide a price estimate for you. Remember that MightyMerchant can be used for more than just your shopping cart. Consider having us make the other pages of your website updateable using our Site Manager.

  • What are my options for processing credit cards?

    HEROweb recommends three options for accepting credit cards on your site: Authorize.Net, PayJunction and PayPal. Please visit our Merchant Accounts and Payment Processing Page for more information on these services.

  • What is browser-based software?

    There are basically two types of shopping cart software that you can choose from. One type is software that you purchase and install on your computer. Browser-based software, such as MightyMerchant is installed and runs on our servers, rather than your computer. You access the software with a web browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

    Why would this be an advantage to you?
    The first advantage is that you don't have to install anything on your computer to use MightyMerchant. You already have a web browser, so you are ready to go. Installing new software can introduce new problems on your computer that can be difficult to troubleshoot.

    Another advantage is that you already know how to use your web browser, so learning how to use MightyMerchant is a snap.

    Lastly, having the software on our servers allows us to provide you with the best technical support possible. We can diagnose and solve any issues quickly and add new features and you won't have to "upgrade" with new installations just to keep up. If you want to modify something on your web site - for example the ability to show a third product photo, we can make these modifications for you, so that you won't have to navigate through software installations on your computer.

  • What kind of shipping charges can I set up?

    UPS real-time shipping comes with every MightyMerchant eCommerce site. This means that MightyMerchant calculates shipping charges by connecting directly with the online UPS rate calculator.

    You can also set up custom shipping methods that calculate shipping rates by weight, price, or quantity ordered.

    Whether you use UPS or custom shipping, MightyMerchant offers tons of flexibility by allowing you to offer free shipping for some products or free shipping for orders over a certain dollar amount. You can add handling charges per item, or per shipping method. You can notify customers when an order ships with a tracking number and if you use UPS, they can track their package right from your web site.

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