Data Upload Pricing

The following pricing schedule explains the costs related to integration with an external data source and the ongoing support and maintenance that goes along with it.

Built-In Inventory Upload

Built-in inventory upload is included with your MightyMerchant site. This includes updating inventory counts for your products or product options. You can upload your inventory updates through the MightyMerchant Site Manager.


1. The file is formatted as a MightyMerchant Inventory Format (MIF) file.

2. The file contains less than 5000 products.

Custom Data Uploads

Custom data uploads include data updates of product names, descriptions, options, related items, customers, accounts, and many other aspects of your site that go beyond updating product inventory counts.

Base Price: $10 monthly minimum per data source/file format

Customer upload of up to 5000 products/line items via the MightyMerchant Site Manager. Line items could be either product lines, or price option lines.

Additional Costs

1. Automated upload (via a scheduled "cron" job)
$2/mo minimum
$2/mo per daily run, e.g. 4 daily runs adds $8/mo

2. Product count over 5000 products/line items
Add $2 a month per 5000 products/line items

Example: You have an automated twice-a-day product update of 15,000 products.

1. $10/mo minimum
2. Add $4/mo for two daily imports
3. Add $4 a month for an additional 10,000 products, over 5,000.

The total cost for this automated data upload would be $16/mo.


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