HEROweb Email Account Support Guidelines

HEROweb Marketing and Design provides a wide range of products and services all geared to helping you achieve your online success. One component is our robust email system that combines email delivery systems integrated into your website as well as email accounts provided through Rackspace Mail.

We have put together this document to help our customers understand the capabilities of our system and the scope of our support.

Explanation of our System

1. Your website and your email accounts are separate systems that run on different servers.

2. The email accounts associated with your website are hosted through the Rackspace Managed Mail system. HEROweb supports and maintains the email accounts. Rackspace continually updates and supports the technology, spam filtering, and network infrastructure that have made their email system one of the best in the world.

3. The MightyMerchant platform has an email delivery system that sends email orders, contact form submissions, and other related communication from your website. The destination can be a HEROweb-hosted email account or any other destination where you would like to have your email delivered.

Scope of our Support

Since 1996, HEROweb has provided reliable email and robust email services. 
We are responsible for ensuring that our email system is running correctly, that our system allows you to successfully send and receive email, and that the email accounts we provide for you are properly configured.

We provide in-depth documentation for configuring multiple desktop clients and devices.

We are not responsible for addressing and troubleshooting problems with your individual computers or office network. Troubleshooting software, hardware, and router issues has evolved into a specialized field that is beyond the scope of our support.

We recommend that you identify a local support person who can help with the maintenance and troubleshooting of your computer network. A properly running office network is vital to the success of your business.

HEROweb will provide confirmation of basic configuration information, but support and troubleshooting of your computer systems, smartphones, and other wireless devices is billed at our hourly support rate.

Resources Available

We have put together a range of resources related to managing and maintaing your email accounts. Our resources include links to the Rackspace Mail support system that has up-to-date and detailed instructions for configuring a range of desktop clients and devices.

Email Systems Support Documentation

Options Available

Many of our customers find our email system to suit their needs very well. However, many businesses have unique or, possibly, complex needs related to email delivery, group collaboration, and business communication processes that warrant the use of specialized email systems. 
Some options you can consider are:
  • Forwarding of all mail to other accounts like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo Mail.
  • Implementation of a robust internal system such as Microsoft Exchange. 
  • Use of a robust hosted solution such as Google Apps, which includes many collaboration features.
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