HEROweb can help you integrate a blog with your MightyMerchant site. For many users, our MightyMerchant Mini-Blog is an excellent option. It is simple to maintain and allows for basic blog posting and comments. We also can install a WordPress blog for you. WordPress is widely recognized as the most robust blogging platform in the world. WordPress has many plugins (small add-ons to the site which offer specific functionalities, like comment management or subscriber management) and themes (appearances) which can be customized to meet your needs and budget. Incorporating a Blog into your e-commerce site is a great way to drive business to your website. Blog marketing allows you to offer advice and build a relationship with clients who otherwise might be unfamiliar with your business. A WordPress blog is a great way to let the human element of your business come through and begin to build trust with new clients.

MightyMerchant Mini-Blog

  • Set up fee: $250 / Monthly: $0 monthly fee
What We Do: MightyMerchant will set up a blog section of your site with a completely integrated design. We will implement the Disqus commenting system on your blog. You will be able to create you blog posts directly in the MightyMerchant Site Manager and categorize your posts. 

WordPress Blog Basic

  • Set up fee: $150 / Monthly: $10/mo.
What We Do: WordPress blog setup with your site's logo in the masthead and default WordPress plugins installed. A $10 per month management fee applies.

WordPress Blog Plus

  • Set up fee: $250 / Monthly: $10/mo.
What We Do: WordPress blog setup including visual customization: a coordinated banner and color scheme (the blog will coordinate with your website but will not look exactly like your website), and a link back to the homepage of your site. A $10 monthly management fee applies.

WordPress Blog Advanced

  • Set up fee: $500-$750 / Monthly: $10/mo.
What We Do: Complete custom WordPress blog design and customized plugins added, RSS Feed on your website, and integration of the blog with your other social channels. A $10 monthly management fee applies.

WordPress Blog Custom

  • Custom Quote
What we Do: For features like a network blog, or advanced plugin integration, we will provide you with a quote for exactly what you are hoping for. A $10 per month fee hosting applies.
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